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First of all, I’m thinking about 2 days.. should I post it? before deciding to write this article ..this is the true story that happened to our boys…but seeing the MTV EMA results…this coming MAMA and upcoming GDA… I’ve decided to post it for the sake of the name SAPPHIRE BLUE…for an old ELFs which is becaming an ELF before SORRY SORRY
era should have known this case.. the GDA 2010 incidents which is UNFAIR to our boys.. it’s obviously unfair… our boys lost on 2010 GDA but then won back the awards on 2011 GDA and all thanks to ELFs whom becaming the worlds biggest fanclub then after the 2010 incidents… (if you wanted to know what is 2010 incidents..i will post the videos about that..and I’m sure all of you will cry after that).. recently, we lost on MTV EMA right? And now MAMA is coming… actually SJ won all the 5 categories but then we lost 3 awards (as for nov 25th )…can you think bac

k why is this happened to us..to our beloved boys?? It’s because other fandoms didn’t want us to win again and again… I noticed it since the GDA 2010 incidents… I would not mention who is the fandoms..and so on.. just remember what our Leeteuk oppa said to all ELFs.. do not bash others right? I still remember how hard it is for ELFs during the 2010 GDA.. other fandoms are keep bashing on us.. and the twitter became the world war between ELFs and others.. one of my K-ELF tweeted me how hard it is for ELF during that time.. but ELFs are strong ! they keep on searching the evidences to prove that SJ is the real winner for the GDA 2010.. I know this might be the lame story but sometimes the lame story we need to refresh it back to make sure that bad things is not gonna happen again… what would be to ELFs and SJ if they didn’t win the MAMA ?? of course their percentages of winning the upcoming GDA also decreases… GDA is like the GRAMMY AWARDS which is important to all singers…right now..the 2012.. hard situation for SJ and ELFs right? Without leader…with the stupid scandals all things.. and some ELFs which is NOT TRUE ELFs already changed to other fandoms and so on… are we want to keep this bad things happen to our boys?? By losing the MAMA awards ? all of us knew what is their company like .. a single word to expressed….UNFAIR…UNJUSTICE… we already knew that.. from now onwards are we want to see the tears of our boys??again and again??? Of course we don’t want right? So what are we waiting for… keep on voting them..show them our supports…show the world that ELFs is the biggest fandoms and the most STRONG fandoms of all ! in the name of SAPPHIRE BLUE blood that runs in our body….i believe that we can do this together… for those who wanted to know what is the GDA 2010 incidents..please comment below.. or I will not expose the videos.